Fic: Unplanned Wedding Day Shenanigans (NC-17) Kurt/Blaine 


Title: Unplanned Wedding Day Shenanigans.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Casting Spoilers for Ep 15
Summary: Set in the future, on the morning of Kurt and Blaine’s wedding day. Not everything goes quite as planned. But in such a good way.
Words: 2200

A/N: Featuring Cooper and Finn and lots of sex which Cooper and Finn are not involved in. Warnings for light comeplay and indelicate levels of saccharine fluff.

There’s a loud banging on the door. It sounds a lot like someone is thumping their entire forearm against the wood and someone probably is because the first two times they politely knocked, Blaine ignored it.

“Blaine! Answer the door.” As expected, the someone turns out to be Cooper.

Kurt just grins wolfishly into Blaine’s neck and rolls his hips hard, pressing deep inside Blaine’s ass and drawing a soft moan.

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